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  “the sum of all pieces”  

   Group and private mosaic workshops   


A mosaic is an image made of small pieces of ceramic, glass, or stone. The pieces are held in place by plaster or glue and covering a surface that can be three-dimensional. Mosaics are often used as floor, wall, and ceiling decoration, as well as pots, baths, and sculpture, and were particularly popular in the Ancient Roman world. In the 19 century, Gaudí pioneered a special mosaic design technique called Trancadis. The world Trencar, equivalent for “to break” in Catalan, which means precisely that. This style of mosaics is created by breaking tiles in an organic manner and putting them back together.

As the title indicates, the process of mosaics is done piece by piece. The workshop demonstrates the metamorphosis from a single broken piece to being part of something whole that could not have been completed without this specific piece of broken ceramic tile. 

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