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title. Voce esta aqui y aqui também

date. 2007-2008

city. Bezalel academy of art and design Jerusalem, Israel

size. 3.5m X 2.5m

The aim was to produce a scaled environment of the project by using one to one original pavement tiles that were costume made and produced especially for this project. the shape of the tile, which is also the shape of the building, repeats throughout the design on paths, floors, balconies, facades and other elements in the project. The title of the work: “you are here, and also here” highlights the fact that the presentation itself is the project, an architectural presentation printed on 6 ceramic tiles. The project was implemented during the B.ARC in Bezalel Academy of art and design, Jerusalem, Israel.

architecture document
architecture document
model cardboard and paper
model cardboard and paper
architectural plans printed on tiles
"you are here"
"and here also"
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