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title. "Trencadís tile" 

date. 2019 - 2021

city. Manresa

size. 20cm x 20cm 

en el taller 3.jpg
en el taller 1.jpg
la baldosa trencadis fase 2.jpg

The traditional cement tile, measure 20x20 cm, from the modernist era is usually used in a repetitive way as pattern of one or part of 4 tiles combination.

By comprehending the traditional use, design and production of tiles my work hims to change the familiar repetitive patterns and create a scenery of visual adventure with a modernist point of view on the mixture of two worlds of crafts that have been separated.


The innovative technique of “Trencadís Cement Tile” consists of implementing broken ceramic pieces into the cement tile during the production sequence. The trencadís allows the freedom of expanding the design and create new unique imagery.

The visual relationships between the cement tile and the trencadís pieces sparks texture, reflections and imagination that leads to a world of endless possibilities for integration of art, space and life. This contemporary connection creates the metamorphosis from the traditional tile to the new trencadís tile

el campo en el verano.jpg
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